Hi, are there any plans to improve this software/add functionality. A few simple improvements would be: 1) Have options to either stop at way points of a route, or to carry on continuously (manually continuing with the remote can be annoying at times). 2) Once heading control has been applied, be able to adjust the motor speed, this is typical of "heading control" not cruise control with a car. 3) Go to way point function. At the moment to do this I create a route and upload, but it would be handy to be able to hold down on the map screen or similar and direct to waypoint. 4) Possibly the most useful thing would be to have anchorlock activated by the remote, e.g 3 second hold of central button. With the above functionality I would recommend this to many of my friends, but at the moment I would probably recommend to pay another $1000 and get a different brand. Although I find the app quite stable now I am used to it, I really hope the app is improved a bit.